South Korea Dramas - KBS1 and KBS2
(KBS1) 20:25 Monday-Friday (KBS2) 21:55 Monday-Tuesday (KBS2) 21:55 Wednesday-Thursday
A Good Day For The Wind To Blow A Good Day For The Wind To Blow The Birth of the Rich The Birth of the Rich Cinderella's Sister Cinderella's Sister
(KBS2) 9:00 Monday-Saturday (KBS2) 19:55 Saturday-Sunday (KBS2) 21:30 Monday-Saturday
Mom is Pretty Too Mom is Pretty Too Three Brothers Three Brothers Merchant Kim Man Deok Merchant Kim Man Deok

South Korea Dramas - MBC
21:55 Monday-Tuesday 21:55 Wednesday-Thursday 7:50 Monday-Friday
Dong Yi Dong Yi Personal Preference Personal Preference Pink Lipstick Pink Lipstick
19:45 Monday-Friday 20:15 Monday-Friday 19:55 Saturday-Sunday
More Charming by the Day Mom is Pretty Too Enjoy Life Enjoy Life Dandelion Family Dandelion Family
22:40 Saturday-Sunday
A Man Called God A Man Called God

South Korea Dramas - SBS
20:55-21:55 Monday-Tuesday 21:55-22:55 Monday-Tuesday 21:55-22:55 Wednesday-Thursday
Oh! My Lady Oh! My Lady Jejoongwon Jejoongwon Prosecutor Princess Prosecutor Princess
8:40-9:40 Monday-Friday 19:20-20:20 Monday-Friday 20:45-21:45 Saturday-Sunday
Daring Women Daring Women Wife Returns Wife Returns Definitely Neighbors Definitely Neighbors
21:45-22:45 Saturday-Sunday
Life is Beautiful Life is Beautiful

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