Details Edit

  • Title: 有一个地方只有我们知道 (You yige difang zhiyou women zhidao)
    Somewhere Only We Know (2015)

    Somewhere Only We Know

  • English Title: Somewhere Only We Know.
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
  • Duration: 109 minutes
  • Release Date:
  • Country: China

Synopsis Edit

Jin Tian (Wang Likun) is a young woman who recently got dumped by her fiance and lost her grandmother, Chen Lanxin (Xu Jinglei). Feeling heartbroken, she travels to Prague, the place where her grandmother once spent years of her life. In her grandmother's belongings she finds a letter from 1970.

In Prague, Jin Tian meets Peng Zeyang (Kris Wu), a young single father who lives with his daughter and mother. The two develop a mutual attraction during their journey on searching for Josef Novak (Gordon Alexander), her grandmother's past lover.

Cast Edit

  • Kris Wu as Peng Zeyang
  • Wang Likun as Jin Tian
  • Xu Jinglei as Chen Lanxin
  • Gordon Alexander as Josef Novak
  • Cong Shan as Zeyang's Mom
  • Sophia Cai Shuya as Ni Ni, Zeyang's daughter
  • Juck Zhang as Luo Ji
  • Re Yizha as Shanshan

Production Edit

  • Director: Xu Jinglei
  • CEO: Weiwei Si
  • Screenwriter: Wang Shuo, Wang Yun, Xu Jinglei and Zhao Meng
  • Studio: Kaila Pictures Co. Ltd
  • Cinematographer: Ping Bin Lee
  • Designer: Katarina Holla

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