• Name: SISTAR (씨스 타). ★ SI / SISTAR.
    • Description: SISTAR Sistar comes from "Sister" (sister) and "Star" (Star), referring to the desire of them being sisters in the music industry and become big stars.
  • Members: 4
  • Origin: Seoul, South Korea.
  • Debut: June 4, 2010.
  • Official Color: Fuchsia.
  • Official fanclub name: STAR1. (Pronounced the same as Style)
  • Korea Agency: Starship Entertainment (Korea)
    • Sub Agency: Loen Entertainment (Korea), Yuehua Entertainment (China), Sony Music (Thailand)
  • Sub Unit : Sistar19

Career Edit

Pre Debut Edit

Hyolyn had auditioned twice for JYP Entertainment and was accepted on his second attempt. It is planned to debut in a group of five with Song Jieun ( Secret ), Min ( Miss A ) and U-JI ( bestie ), however the plans were ruined and it was never specific. Later she auditioned for Starship Entertainment and was accepted. Soyouwas an apprentice in Cube Entertainment and, at first, debut with 4minute , but left the group before the debut of this. Later she auditioned for Starship Entertainment singing a cover of the song " On The Road " by Navi . Sistar group started its activities in early 2010, before its official debut, participating in a photo shoot for the magazine Céci Magazine in England on March 19, 2010, for the clothing company FUBU . Also they are participating in the promotion of cell Samsung's 'Yepp', for which, each recorded a trade.

2010: Push Push, Shady Girl and How Dare You Edit

Sistar group began operations in early 2010 with commercials and photo shoots for revistas.El group made its official debut with the song "Push Push" on 1 June 2010.Sistar had its debut on June 4 in Music Bank.

The group returned with their second single "Shady Girl" on August 25 along with the music video. The video featured the participation of member Kim Heechul Super Junior. The single was well received and drew much higher in the Korean music charts in their debut single. The group also received much media attention when a fan-cam was posted online, showing the group filming his performance in "Sharing Concert" on August 28.During the middle of a performance Bora fell suddenly on stage, prompting other members to stop singing and help her with the help of staff.

The group finally released their third single, "How Dare You" in November. The music video teaser was released on November 23. "How Dare You" became a success as it swept the music charts in Korea sites like Melon, Soribada, insects, and Daum Music Monkey3 so it is the first number one of Sistar. On December 9, the group attended the Golden Disk Awards, and won the "Revelation" award. On December 27, Sistar Music Bank won his first prize with "How Dare You".

2011: So Cool Edit

Sistar returned on July 21 with an album entitled " So Cool ". The title song of the same name immediately topped the music charts in Korea launch. "So Cool" was the first edition of the number one song on the Billboard Top 100 K -POP the letter after the release of the August 25 letter. On September 11 Sistar won his first "Mutizen" award on Inkigayo. So Cool choreography had to be changed and considered unfit to air programs.

2012: Alone, Loving U Edit

In early April it was announced that would issue its Sistar Showcase "So Cool" worldwide in 41 countries. They made their comeback on April 12 with a mini-album "Alone" which contains six songs produced by Brave Brothers .The video was shot in Las Vegas, the song Alone was chosen as the most popular song of 2012, chosen by these idols also been singing to more boys danced by the groups since been striking choreography including Super Junior, PSY, EXO, etc.

Starship on June 11 announced that Sistar be making a comeback summer with a dance floor. Sistar would re-enter the market, while its song "Alone" was still live charts. His return was a mini-album entitled "Loving U".The mini-album contained the title track, "Loving U", produced by Double Sidekick, a new song "Holiday" and remixes of past hits of groups ("Alone", "Ma Boy", "So Cool" "How Dare You" and "Push Push"). Sistar released the music video for "Loving U" on June 28. Shortly after its release, "Loving U" achieved an "all-kill", being first in all major online music charts in South Korea. The music video was filmed in Hawaii.

2013: Give It to MeEdit

On June 3 official Twitter account of Starship Entertainment released a statement that the second full album Sistar, Give It To Me is set to be released on June 11 with the title track of the same name. On June 5 official Twitter account of Starship Entertainment released a teaser image of the 4 members, saying they would return with the theme song Moulin Rouge .The Sistar "Give It to Me" reached number 1 in 9 charts music within two hours of its launch to record an all-kill. Are the number 1 in Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, Bugs, Soribada, Monkey3, Naver Music, Cyworld Music and Daum Music. In addition to songs from "The Way You Make Me Melt" and the scores "Bad Boy" were among the number 1 and 5 in all lists.The title track, "Give It to Me" also received numerous first prize in several musical broadcasts.

2014: Touch N Move, Sweet & Sour Edit

Starship confirmed that SISTAR not collaborate with producers Brave Brothers and Duble Sidekick and instead join Rado composers and Choi Kyu Sung for his new song. Starship also confirmed that the group will make his return on 21 julio.El July 14, 2014 was released the first teaser for their upcoming single entitled Touch My Body. The July 17, 2014 was released the second teaser of Touch My Body. 21 Sistar of July 2014 officially released their third mini-album, "Touch N Move". "Touch My Body" is the main track.

SISTAR is back for the second round this summer with his new 'special album' titled " Sweet & Sour ", published on August 26. Following its previous summer hit " Touch My Body ", the girls are back with fresh summer song" I Swear "and another new song" Hold On Tight "which are produced by Duble Sidekick also features some remixes, with the work of House Rulez, indie band Glen Check, Reno, DJ Smell s , etc. to an electronic twist on classic songs like SISTAR Give it to me, Loving U, Gone around any longer and the most recent Touch my body. The video was recorded in the Saipan Islands.

2015:  "Shake It"Edit

The mini album 'Shake It' 'was released on June 22 officially. "Shake It", the title track of the album , was seen gaining position in the lists of Korean music and finally managed to take first place in nine music charts simultaneously. Also, their song " Do not Be Such a Child " with Giriboy, "Bad Guy" Mad Clown, "GO UP" and"Good Time" were seen in the top 10 in several music charts that day.

Sub Unit Edit

SISTAR19 is a sub group Sistar unit which consists of two members: Hyolyn and Bora . The "19" in its name represents the age at which women mature; also represents the feeling of innocence, along with the uncertainty felt at this age. It aims to show these feelings through their lyrics and concept. " Ma Boy " was their debut single, which was released on May 3, 2011.

December 24 is said SISTAR19 was preparing for a comeback in January. On January 23 the teasers for the return of Sistar19 were released Sistar19 launched its sinle album and the music video for the title track Gone Not Around Any Longer January 30. After his release " Gone Not Around Any Longer " topped all music charts. It reached the highest Melon and achieved a perfect all-kill certificate for two consecutive weeks.

Members Edit

  • Bora (Rapper and Dancer)
  • Hyolyn (Leader, Vocalist and Dancer)
  • Soyou (Vocalist, Dancer)
  • Dasom (Maknae, Vocalist, Dancer, Visual)

Discography Edit

Studio Albums

  • So Cool
  • Give It To Me


  • Alone

Special Albums

  • Loving U
  • Sweet & Sou

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