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  • Title: 龍的崛起 (龙的崛起) / Long de Chue Chi (Long de Jue Qi)
  • English title: Rise of the Dragon
  • Also known as: Wrath of the Gods: Rise of the Dragon
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 110
  • Broadcast network: CTV / GTV / Vatican TV
  • Broadcast period: 2017
  • Air time: 7:30 AM (Monday to Friday) - Vatican TV, 7:30 PM (Thursday) - CTV & GTV
  • Opening theme song: Tuan Yuan (团圆) Reunion by Park Jin-Hoo
  • Ending theme song:  Ming Tian Shi Zui Hou Yi Tian (明天是最后一天) Tomorrow is the Last Day by Hyun Se-Dong
  • Related Shows: None

Synopsis Edit

A love story set during the Wei and Jin Dynasties. The daughter of a general meets a desert bandit while the daughter of a bodyguard meets a Daoist-to-be. In-between the romance, the bigger plot brewing deals with a disgruntled prince looking to overthrow the current King and Queen of China with the help of an amazing sword from the famous Wu Dang clan/school that can cut metal like mud and a powerful set of martial arts techniques.

At the emperor's palace Xiao-Mai meets up with a pretty and mysterious girl named Huang Mian, who tells Xiao Mai it is safe to leave in China and going to Greece.

Cast Edit

Wrath of the Gods

  • Huang Li Zhou as Tu Luo Gong
  • Zhang Fu Jian as Suo Shan Fu
  • Yi Tiao Long as Huang Fu

Yin Archers

  • Lee Dong Hae as Luo Yin Ling
  • Peter Ho as Dao Ying Shi
  • Alec Su as Lao Ye Shan
  • Park Jin-Hoo as Zhao An Tiao
  • Hyun Se-Dong as Wo Xing Su

Yang Archers

  • Haruka Matsumoto as Tang Xiao Mai
  • Miaka Izukawa as Nai Yi Shan
  • Yumi Hanazawa as Lao Ying Ming
  • Momoki Hodaka as An Liu Xia


  • Barbie Xu as Xi Liang Mao
  • Wei Yi Bo as Lu Xiao Wei
  • Xia Ru Zhi as Lu Tiao Fu
  • Huang Liao Zhen as Lin Mai Qiu
  • Xiao Zu as Yi Gei Wo
  • Calvin Chen as Yao Ming Su
  • Ye Hui Zu as Lian Zhi Wu

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  • Producer:
  • Writer:
  • Scripwriter:

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