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Red Velvet Edit

  • Name:
    • Red Velvet (International)
    • 레드 벨벳 (Re-deu-bel-bes) in Korea
    • レ ッ ド · ベ ル ベ ッ ト (Reddo berubetto) in Japan
    • 紅色 天鵝絨 (Hongse tiān'éróng) in China
      • Description:  The name of the group shows the determination of the members wanting to present music and performances are colorful and refined; as the seduction of red velvet and softness. 
  • Origin: Seoul, South Korea
  • Members: 5
  • Debut:  August 1, 2014.
  • Official Fanclub Name: -
  • Official Color:  Coral
  • Agency:
    • S.M Entertainment (South Korea)

Career Edit

Pre-debut Edit

Three of the four original members ( Irene, Seulgi and Wendy ) of Red Velvet  were previously part of the pre-debut group SM Entertainment , SMROOKIES ; which was also part of Yeri . 

Irene  (leader of Red Velvet) was discovered by SM in 2009, and is a talented rapper and dancer. It appears in one of the music videos of Henry  ( Super Junior M ) - " 1-4-3 (I Love You) ".

Seulgi was chosen by SM public hearing in 2007, and is an expert in singing and dancing; also he speaks Japanese and can play the guitar. It appears in another music video Henry  ( Super Junior M ) - " Fantastic"and also collaborated with him on one of the songs on her album, called" Butterfly ".

Wendy was recruited in 2012 by the global hearing of SM in Canada. She is a vocal talent he sang for the soundtrack of the drama " Mimi " (starring Changmin of TVXQ ). Wendy is also able to play instruments; as the flute, guitar and saxophone.

The youngest member, Joy (before he joined Yeri  early 2015) he joined SM through its global hearing in Seoul in 2012 , and is talented in both singing and dancing.

As part of SMROOKIES ; several clips of Irene , Seulgi and Wendy were released on the official accountYouTube of SM Entertainment . Thus creating the first rumors of his possible debut in the summer of 2014.

With the addition of an unknown girl for Internet (Joy), the four-member group debuted as Red Velvet , becoming the first girl group SM Entertainment in five years after f(x).

2014: Debut with "Happiness" Edit

The July 21, 2014, SM Entertainment confirmed that in August debut a new girl group that would con

Red velvet happ
sist of Irene , Seulgi , Wendy(the three formed part of the project SMROOKIES ) and a fourth member which had not yet been given prominence called Joy . The July 27, 2014, the trailer for "Happiness" was published. It also announced the release date of its digital single, with the August 4, 2014, through several online music stores in South Korea. Red Velvet debuted atop the charts. The digital single was exceptional results for a rookie group, carving the top to the number one spot in the music list "Genie"  and entering the top 10 of "melon" , "Naver Music" , and others.

The music video for "Happiness" was released on August 1, 2014; and was the second K-Pop music video more seen around the world during the month of August of that year. The same day, the group made ​​its official debut on the musical stage Friday program " Music Bank ". Soon after, there was a problem with certain video images reminiscent major tragedies occurred long ago and the video was removed not to cause more problems, making a new version of it which was launched on August 3, 2014.

Just two weeks after its debut, Red Velvet was nominated for the top spot on Inkigayo with their debut song "Happiness", remaining in third place.

Second single and remake "Be Natural" Edit

On October 7, 2014, it was reported that the quartet would a remake of the song "Be Natural" classic by the Korean
Girl Group SES. This became his second single, which was released on October 13 of that year. The group began its advocacy of this version on October 09, making his first appearance in the music program, M! Countdown .

The official video was released the same day (October 9, 2014), and despite having caused mixed reviews by netizens on the sudden change of image and theme in Red Velvet , many of which have proved to be good and satisfactory.  

2015: First Mini Album "Ice Cream Cake / Automatic" and New Member Yeri. Edit

In March 11, 2015, S.M Entertainment announced that the first mini album of Red Velvet to be called "Ice Cream Cake" and would be released on March 18 of the year. The same day, the agency published a video on your account YouTube featuring the new integral, Yeri , the new maknae of the group with only 16 years, which was also part of SMROOKIES with Irene , Wendy  and  Seulgi . 

On March 14, SM Entertainment , released the MV of "Automatic" , the first music video of the group with  Yeri . A day later launched the main MV mini-album, called "Ice Cream Cake" . Their new single was crowned as "Gaon Weekly Album Sales Chart"  in its first week, also achieving the No. 2 in the "Billboard's World Albums Sales Chart" and # 3 on "Billboard's World Digital Songs Chart" , while " Automatic " peaked at number 9. On March 27, they got their first win in the music program (KBS) Music Bank .

On March 15, several days before his victories, it was announced that both "Automatic" and "Ice Cream Cake"would be promoted as principal double singles from the album. "Automatic" has a dark and mysterious subject while "Ice Cream Cake " It is more cheerful and colorful, approaching the style of "Happiness" .

With the integration of Yeri , rumors that Red Velvet  would last a while a group composed of 12 members, it would be a revolving group or several sub-groups would have been on the rise. SM clarified that all these ridiculous conjectures were false , and Red Velvet would definitely 5 members. 

Return with their first album 'THE RED' Edit

Red Velvet, revealed the track listing for their upcoming first full album "The Red"  through
The Red
multiple images on Instagram , which initially were a mystery for its apparent meaninglessness. 

According to the image, the first full album consist of 10 songs.

The September 8, 2015 published the video for his new single "Dumb Dumb" taking the image of five monotonous and robotic dolls and colorful retro clothes; along the MV you can be seen very already recognized effects of their own video editing.  

Members Edit

  • Irene (Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer)
  • Seulgi (Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer)
  • Wendy (Main Vocalist)
  • Joy (Vocalist, Lead Rapper)
  • Yeri (Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae)

Discography Edit

Studio Albums Edit

  • The Red

Mini-Albums Edit

  • Ice Cream Cake

Singles Edit

  • Happiness
  • Be Natural

TV Programs Edit

  • App 5th V Live Broadcast (2/10/15)
  • (MBCEvery1) Weekly Idol (09/23/15)
  • (MBC) Section TV (30/08/15)
  • (MBC) Start Idol Athletic Championship 
  • (JTBC) 100 People, 100 Songs (23/06/15)
  • SINA Interview (28/05/15)
  • SOHU TV (14/05/15)
  • (Mnet) YamanTV (20/04/15)
  • (Arirang) After School Club (07/04/15, Ep. 154)
  • (KBS) Let's Go! Dream Team II (12/17/14, all but Joy )
  • (Arirang TV) After School Club (10/28/14)
  • (MBCEvery1) Weekly Idol (15/10/14)
  • (JTBC) Hidden Singer 3 (20/09/14)
  • (KBS) Hello Counselor (01/09/14)
  • (KBS) Escape No.1 Crisis (25/08/14)

Interviews: Edit

  • King Baidu Chart (16/10/14)

Radio Shows Edit

  • Sunny's FM Date (10/01/15)
  • Noon Song Of Hope (09/24/15)
  • Super Junior's Kiss The Radio (09/19/15)
  • (MBC) FM4U Park Kyunglim's 2PM Date (09/15/15)
  • (SBS) Cultwo Show (09/09/2015)
  • Sunny's FM Date (22/04/15)
  • Kim Sungjoo's Music Square (10/04/15)
  • (SBS) Power FM Cultwo Show (09/04/15)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTaPa Radio (04/07/15)
  • (MBC) 91.9 FM4U Kim Shinyoung's Hope Song at Noon (03/04/15)
  • (SBS) Lee Gookju's Young Street (01/04/15)
  • (SBS) Hwa Jung's Power Time Radio (31/03/15)
  • (SBS) Kim Changryul's Old School Radio (03/30/15)
  • (KBS) Cool FM Jang Dongmin '2:00 Lady Jane! (03/27/15)
  • (KBS) Cool FM Super Junior's Kiss The Radio (03/24/15)
  • (MBC) Idol True Colors (11/01/14)
  • (MBC) Blue Night Radio (24/10/14)
  • (SBS) K.Will's Youngstreet (31/08/14)
  • (KBS) Lee Sora's Music Plaza (08/22/14)
  • (SBS) Cultwo Show (21/08/14)
  • (KBS) Super Junior's Kiss The Radio (21/08/14)
  • (SBS) Kim Chang Ryul's Old School (08/06/14)

Concerts Edit

Participative Concerts: Edit

  • 22th Lotte Duty Free Family Concert (25/10/15)
  • Tourism Incheon Hallyu Concert (10/17/15)
  • One K Concert: One Dream, One Korea (10/09/15)
  • Kim Joo Sung Square's Music Performance (10/08/15)
  • Jump Guro Festival (03/10/15)
  • 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival (09/20/15)
  • DMC Festival (12/09/15)
  • KCON LA 2015 (08/19/15)
  • 1st Smart Youth Video Contest (13/08/15)
  • Love Country Concert (24/07/15)
  • Lotte Lovely Young Concert (07/23/15)
  • SBS-R Cultrow Show Concert (19/07/15)
  • Hope Basketball All-Star 2015 (18/07/15)
  • Let's Run Concert in Busan (21/06/15)
  • Dream Concert (05/23/15)
  • Kyeongbuk National Children's Day (05.05.15)
  • Dream Concert (04/29/2015)
  • Best of Best Philippines (04/12/15)
  • The K-Pop Show Winter Special (23 and 30/12/14)
  • SBS Gayo 가요 대전 Daejun (12/21/14)
  • Talk Goham Youth Concert (11/28/14)
  • Blue Star Concert (10/11/14)
  • Walking Together Charity Event (11/18/14)
  • Best of Best Concert in Guangzhou (11/16/14)
  • 2014 Asia Song Festival (02/11/14)
  • MBC MUSIC 'Global K Center' 오픈 기념 Prime Concert (01/11/14)
  • KBS Open Concert (29/10/14)
  • SMTOWN Live World Tour IV (2014)
  • Hallyu Dream Festival (28/09/14)
  • Yangju Cotton Festival (21/09/14)
  • Push up! Love up! Ceremony (9/20/14)
  • K-POP Incheon Hallyu Concert (09/17/14)
  • SBS MTV The Show Love Sharing Concert (08/24/2014)
  • 2014 16th Conference on Integrated Management Association (19/08/2014)
  • Republic of Korea Sokcho Music Festival (11/08/2014)
  • 10th Hyun In Music Festival (03/08/2014)

Ads Edit

  • 2015: BLACK Martine SITBON.
  • 2015: Meters / bonwe.
  • 2015: Baskin Robbins.
  • 2014: Lotte Pepero.

Awards Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Since its debut (and subsequent integration of Yeri ) to each member it is recognized by a color: Irene(pink), Seulgi (yellow), Wendy (Blue), Joy (green) and Yeri (violet).
  • Although Yeri not belong to the group during the debut with "Happiness" , it has confirmed that its color is violet.
  • Except for Joy , all members were part of the project SMROOKIES .
  • The indie band  Red Velvet , accused the group of using his name, but because  no SM  had plagiarized content in no time, indie band could do nothing against the company. After a few days, both reached an agreement that would promote bearing the same name.
  • The choreography of "Happiness" was created by the famous Japanese choreographer Dakeoochi Ayako , who has previously worked with BoA and Girls' Generation .
  • After the release of the video "Happiness" , Japanese media reported that the video referred to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the S11. SM Entertainment  responded immediately, saying it was just a simple collage of images, and not He had greater meaning. Due to the many criticisms, SM decided to delete the MV and make a new version of it, which published two days later (14/08/03) of the first video clip.
  • They did a remake of the song SES "Be Natural" for her second single.
  • The March 10, 2015, SM Entertainment released a video on your social networks in which they showed the new fifth member of the group, who also became the new maknae, Yeri .
  • In one of the photos of the trailer for "Automatic" (first appearance in a MV Yeri ), you can see a car with the license plate number -20140801- (which would be August 1, 2014), referring to the date of debut ofRed Velvet .
  • SM Entertainment  said that Red Velvet definitely be a group of 5 members , due to the large number of absurd rumors by Korean netizens on whether increase to 12 the number of members, among others.
  • They revealed that while recording the MV of  "Ice Cream Cake"  went cold, because recorded outdoors and overnight. In addition, they confessed that during the scene in the pool where  Irene  lying on a mat beneath it someone (underwater), supporting his weight, since the mat and sank afloat. Among other stories, also worth mentioning that  Irene  had a double for the scene in which she was driving in the middle of the desert accompanied rest of the members because they do not have a driver's license.
  • In a statement, the representative of SM Entertainment , said the first mini-album Red Velvet - "Ice Cream Cake" , raged in the charts and not only in South Korea; Also in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, among others.
  • Celebrating the release of his first mini-album - "Ice Cream Cake" , the girls of  Red Velvet  held an event in which they played the video game "SMTOWN SuperStar" with their fans.
  • After  SM Entertainment  announced that  Red Velvet  was to have official name for his fanclub after only seven months since its debut, fans of the group  f (x) , outraged, threw negative comments on social networks against  Red Velvet;  since the fanclub of  f (x)  has no name yet despite having years in the entertainment world. As a result of this,  SM Entertainment  decided to leave the fanclub  Red Velvet  unnamed temporarily.
  • Red Velvet  was ranked third in the list "Sales of albums of 2015 female rookie groups"  of "Hanteo Chart" , with a total of 27.899 sales.
  • Red Velvet  was ranked first in "World Top Billboard Album" with "THE RED" on the first day of its release.
  • They are fans of Girls' Generation ; for good coordination, professionalism and close friendship, so wish in the future be as impressive as they.
  • As every year since 2010, NAVER creates an open list for fans to vote and choose their favorite K-Pop groups dancing girls, "Ice Cream Cake" of Red Velvet came in sixth place with 5.1% (3,299) of the votes.

External Links Edit

  • Official Website
  • Facebook Official
  • Official Instagram
  • Official Fan Coffee
  • Official Youtube channel

Gallery Edit

Videography Edit

Red Velvet - Happiness03:49

Red Velvet - Happiness

Red Velvet - Be Natural (feat03:42

Red Velvet - Be Natural (feat. SR14B Taeyong)

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