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  • Title: PRODUCE 101 (프로듀스 101)
    PRODUCE 101
  • Origin: Corea del Sur
  • Episodes: 11
  • Channel: Mnet
  • Release: January 22, 2016 - April 1, 2016
  • Hours: Friday, 23:00 (KST)

Concept Edit

Produce 101 is the nation's first agency-collaboration unit girl group project, which brings together 101 trainees from different entertainment companies both inside and outside of South Korea, and 11 trainees will be selected to form a unit girl group. The unit group will perform four songs together for a year and release a debut album under the record label of CJ E&M, but may later join a girl group that their agencies are planning. The members have begun living together on December 5, 2015. They took to the stage for the first time to face off in a group mission at the CJ E&M studio in Ilsan on December 27, 2015.

For the girls' trainings, several artists have been recruited for the show. Actor-singer Jang Keun-suk serves as a mentor while Brown Eyed Girls' vocalist JeA alongside vocal trainer Kim Sung-eun, soloist Kahi with choreographer Bae Yoon-jung, and rapper Cheetahare respectively in charge of vocal, dance and rap training. In addition, trainer Ray Yang is in charge of the girls' fitness training.

Mentors Edit

  • Hosts: Jang Geun Suk
  • Vocal Trainer: Kim Sung Eun, JeA
  • Rap Trainer: Cheetah
  • Dance Trainer: Kahi, Bae Yoon Jung
  • Fitness Trainer: Ray Yang

Contestants Edit

  1. Somi (JYP)
  2. Se Jeong (Jellyfish)
  3. Choi Yoojung (Fantagio)
  4. So Hye (REDLINE)
  5. Chung Ha (M&H)
  6. Jie Qiong (PLEDIS)
  7. Chae Yeon (MBK| Inactive Member of DIA)
  8. Kim Doyeon (Fantagio)
  9. Kang Mi Na (Jellyfish)
  10. Im Nayoung (PLEDIS)
  11. Yeon Jung (Starship)

Eliminated Edit

  1. So Hee (Trainee The Music Works)
  2. Chae Kyung (Trainee DSP)
  3. Han Hye Ri (Trainee Star Empire)
  4. Cathy (Trainee MBK| Inactive Member of DIA)
  5. Lee HaeIn (Trainee SS)
  6. Na Young (Trainee Jellyfish)
  7. Si Ra (Trainee Youth Music)
  8. Park So Yeon (Trainee LOEN)
  9. Jeon So Yeon (Trainee CUBE)
  10. Eun Woo (Trainee PLEDIS)
  11. Lee Su Hyun (Trainee SS)
  12. Hye Lin (Trainee SS)
  13. Da Jeong (Trainee Hello Music)
  14. Yu Mi (Trainee Blessing)
  15. Si Hyeon (Trainne Happy Face)
  16. Ri Yu (Trainee nh emg)
  17. Eun Bin (Trainee Nextar)
  18. Ji Sung (Trainne Happy Face)
  19. Kim Su Hyun (Trainee Mystic)
  20. Se Young (Trainee LOUDers)
  21. Min Ji (Trainee (Magic Fresh)
  22. Ye Ji (Trainee Star Planet)
  23. Mi So (Trainne MJ)
  24. Saem (Trainee MJ)
  25. Woo Jung (Trainne Happy Face)
  26. Ji Yeon (Trainee MIDAS)
  27. Niwa Shiori (Trainee MAJESTY)
  28. Su Hyeon (Trainne Happy Face)
  29. Hong Eung (Trainne Happy Face)
  30. Do Hee (Trainee Blessing)
  31. Han Ahreum (Trainee Blessing)
  32. Kim Yun Ji (Trainee Star Empire)
  33. Seo Jeong (Trainee LOUDers)
  34. Ja Yeon (Trainne Happy Face)
  35. Chae Lin (Trainee MIDAS)
  36. Yu Bin (Trainee MIDAS)
  37. Katherine (Trainee MIDAS)
  38. Hye Hyeon (Trainee MIDAS)
  39. Su Jin (Trainee Magic Fresh)
  40. Sol Ee (Trainee Blessing)
  41. Se Heun (Trainee NEXTLEVEL)
  42. Joon Hee (Trainee Blessing)
  43. Yu Dam (Trainee FM)
  44. Bo Seon (Trainee LOUDers)
  45. Hyun Ju (Trainee Nextar)
  46. Hae Young (Trainee Zabte)
  47. Seol A (Trainee Rove EQ)
  48. Shi Yoon (Trainee DSP)
  49. Seo Hyeung (Trainee &August)
  50. Gyeong Won (Trainee PLEDIS)
  51. Tae Ha (Trainee Starship)
  52. Kimi (Trainee Kconic)
  53. Si Hyeon (Trainee Individual)
  54. Youn Seo (Trainee CUBE) (Maknae)
  55. Si Won (Trainee Individual)
  56. Seo Jung (Trainee M&H)
  57. Min Kyoeng (Trainee PLEDIS)
  58. Kang Yoon (Trainee M2 Project)
  59. Hye Rim (Trainee Fantagio)
  60. Ga Eul (Trainee Astory)
  61. Jin Hee (Trainee Kconic)
  62. Risa (Trainne Tipping)
  63. Se Hee (Trainee Kconic)
  64. Ye Jin (Trainee Fantagio)
  65. Min Jung (Trainee Individual)
  66. Yeon Kyeong (Trainee MIDAS)
  67. Jung Min (Trainne YAMA&HOTCHICKS)
  68. Ha Yi (Trainee Cani Star)
  69. Soo Yeon (Trainne Happy Face)
  70. Su A (Trainee MJ)
  71. Chae Eun (Trainee Starship)
  72. Kang Si Hyeon (Trainee Star Empire)
  73. A Young (Trainne Happy Face)
  74. Hyeong Eun (Trainee Kconic)
  75. Hye Min (Trainee Individual)
  76. Kwon Eun Bin (Trainee CUBE)
  77. Ye Seul (Trainee MAJESTY)
  78. Seo Kyung (Trainee Individual)
  79. Sze Kai (Trainee Green Snake)
  80. In Sun (Trainee Show Works|Kpop Group Smile.G)
  81. Ye Bin (Trainee PLEDIS)
  82. Chan Mi (Trainee Double Kick)
  83. Su Min (Trainne Fantagio)
  84. Dani (MBK)
  85. Kim Ju Na (Solo Debut under Music K Entertainment)
  86. Si Yeon (Trainne PLEDIS)

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