Details Edit

  • Title: 돌아와요 아저씨 (Dolawayo Ajjeossi)
    Please Come Back, Mister
  • Also known as: Please Come Back, Mister
  • Genre: Melodrama, Comedy, Drama
  • Episodes: 16
  • Original network: SBS
  • Country: South Korea
  • Original release: February 24, 2016 - April 20, 2016

Synopsis Edit

A man is worked to death, but he comes back to the living world in the attractive body of another man for a limited amount of time.

Lee Hae-joon (Rain) is a perfect man with good looking appearance. He works as a section chief in the women’s apparel section at a department store. His body is actually possessed by the spirit of Kim Young-soo (Kim In-kwon) who was worked to death.

Hong-nan (Oh Yeon-seo) is a beautiful woman, but her spirit is possessed by tough guy (Kim Soo-ro).

Shin Da-hye (Lee Min-jung) is a beautiful housewife, but her husband suddenly dies. She falls into a love triangle with Lee Hae-joon (Rain) and a promising store employee (Yoon Park).

Cast Edit

Main Cast
  • Rain as Lee Hae Joon
  • Oh Yeon Seo as Hong Nan
  • Lee Min Jung as Shin Da Hye
  • Kim In Kwon as Kim Young Soo
  • Lee Ha Nui as Song Yi Yeon
  • Kim Soo Ro as Han Gi Tak
  • Choi Won Young as Cha Jae Gook
Extended Cast
  • Oh Dae Hwan as Na Suk Chul
  • Yoon Park as Jung Ji Hoon
  • Park In Hwan as Kim Noh Gap
  • Ahn Suk Hwan
  • Ra Mi Ran as Ma Ya
  • Oh Na Ra
  • Lee Moon Shik
  • Go In Bum
  • Kang Ki Young
  • Lee Tae Hwan as Choi Seung Jae
  • Ryu Hwa Young as Wang Joo Yeon
  • Lee Re as Kim Ha Na
  • Park Chul Min

Production Edit

  • Director: Shin Yoon Sub
  • Original writing: Asada Jirō
  • Screenwriter: Noh Hye Young (노혜영)

Trivia Edit

  • The drama is based on the 2002 novel Mr. Tsubakiyama's Seven Days (椿山課長の七日間) by Asada Jirō.