Pristin Edit

  • First Name:
    • PRISTIN (International)
    • 프리스틴 (peuriseutin) in Korea
    • リ ス テ ィ ン ン (Purisutin) in Japan
    • 精粹 (Jīngcuì) in China
      • Why ?:  It is the combination of Prismatic + Elastin . The meaning of PRISTIN is the combination of Prismatic "Bright and alive" and Elastin "Power without defects" It is supposed to be the best star collecting the charm of each and shining brightly in the future, PRISTIN members will gather their own charms Glamorous and show their efforts to be the best star.
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Number of Members: 10 girls (7 Koreans, 1 Chinese and 2 American).
  • Debut: March 21, 2017
  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Official Fanclub Name:
  • Official color:
  • Agency:
    • Pledis Entertainment (South Korea)

Members Edit

  • Nayoung
  • RoA 
  • Yuha 
  • Eunwoo
  • Rena 
  • Kyulkyung
  • Yehana
  • Sungyeon
  • Xiyeon
  • Kyla 

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