• Name:
    • IKON (International)
    • 아이콘 (aikon) in Korea
    • ア イ コ ン (Aikon) in Japan
    • Why 'Ikon' ?: Ikon comes from the English word " icon " (icon) since the boys are expected to icons sur-Korean, music and so replaced the "C" by "K" 'Korea' written in English - KOREA- .
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Number of Members: 7
  • Debut:
    • Korea: September 15, 2015
    • Japan: January 13, 2016
  • Official Fanclub name: Ikonic
  • Color: Red
  • Genre: Hip hop, R&B
  • Motto: Get ready? Show time! (Are you ready? Show time!)
  • Agency:
    • YG Entertainment  (South Korea) -> (Same as  BIGBANG,  2NE1,  PSY,  Epik High,  Lee Hi,  Akdong Musician,  WINNER, Pink Punk &  Katie Kim)

Members Edit

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