Details Edit

  • Title: 原來是美男 (Yuan Lai Shi Mei Nan)
    Fabulous Boys
  • English Title: Fabulous Boys
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Broadcast network: FTV
  • Broadcast period: May 18, 2013 - August 04, 2013
  • Episodes: 13
  • Air time: Sunday 22:00
  • Opening theme song: Yue Ding (約定) by A.N Jell
  • Ending theme song: Hao Bu Hao (好不好) by Evan Yo
  • Insert songs: Fabulous Boys OST
  • Related shows: 

Synopsis Edit

Mei Nu is planning to take her vows and become a nun, yet when her identical twin brother receives an offer to join a famous boy band, she's asked to temporarily take his place. Thinking it's the only way to reunite with their mother, Mei Nu disguises herself as her twin, Mei Nan. But band leader Huang Tai Qing isn't happy about this new member to the band. When he discovers her secret, how will she convince him to let her stay?

Cast Edit

A.N Jell
  • Jiro Wang as Huang Tai Qing 黃泰慶
  • Cheng Yu Xi as Gao Mei Nu 高美女 / Gao Mei Nan 高美男
  • Hwang In Deok as Jiang Xin Yu 姜新禹
  • Evan Yo as Jeremy
  • Wang Si Ping as Liu Xin Ning 柳心凝
  • Chen Wei Min as Mark 馬克
  • Bao Wei Ming (包偉銘) as An Shi Jie 安士杰
  • Lily Tien as Mu Hua Lan 慕華蘭
  • Zhang Qin Yan (張沁妍) as Ke Ti 可蒂
  • Renzo Liu as Jin Da Pai 金大牌
  • Da Mu (大目) as Dancing instructor
  • Amanda as Fan club president
  • Xia Yu Xin (夏語心/寶咖咖) as Fan
  • Riva Chang as Fan
  • Gao Yu Shan (高玉珊) as Gao Mei Ci 高美慈
  • Huang Yi Jia (黃一嘉) as Assistant Lin 林秘書
  • Xia Yu Xin (夏語心) as Ding Ya Zi 丁亞姿
  • Park Shin Hye as Korean girl (ep1)
  • Luo Hong Zheng as himself (ep1)
  • Lin Zi Hong as himself (ep1)
  • Xu Ming Jie as himself (ep1)
  • Huang Wei Jin as himself (ep1)
  • Tia Li as herself (ep1)
  • Guo Xue Fu as herself (ep1)
  • Emily Song (宋米秦) as herself (ep1)

Production Edit

  • Producer: Wang Xin Gui(王信貴)、Wang Chuan Ren(王傳仁)、Ding Yi Jun(丁逸筠)
  • Director: Wu Jian Xin
  • Screenwriter: Huang Ya Qin(黃雅勤)、Chen Han Xuan(陳漢璿)、Wang You Zhen(王宥蓁)

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