Details Edit

  • Name:
    • EXO (International)
    • 엑소 (Egso) (Korea)
    • エ ク ソ (Ekuso) (Japan)
  • Origin: South Korea and China
  • Members: 9
    • Former Members: 3
  • Debut: April 08, 2012 (Both Korea and China)
    • EXO-K: Inkigayo
    • EXO-M: 12th Academy Awards 'Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang'
    • Japan:  November 4, 2015
  • Fanclub Name:  EXO-L
  • Official Color: Silver
  • Agency:
    • SM Entertainment (South Korea)
    • Avex Group (Japan)
  • Sub-Unit:

Members Edit

Former Members Edit

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