Cosmic Girls

Details Edit

  • First name:
    • Cosmic Girls (International).
    • 우주 소녀 (Woo Joo So Nyeo / WJSN) in Korea.
    • 宇宙 少女 (Yǔzhòu shàonǚ / YZSN) in China
    • Why?: Because they represent the 12 signs of the zodiac.
  • Origin: South Korea.
  • Number of Members:  12
  • Debut:  February 25, 2016
  • Official Fanclub name:  -
  • Official Color: -
  • Agency:
    • Starship Entertainment (South Korea) -> (same as SISTAR, K.Will,  Boyfriend,  Mad Clown,  Go Gi Jung,  Joo Young,  MONSTA X,  UNIQ,  Yoo Seung Woo  &  Brother Su) .
    • Yuehua Entertainment (China) -> (same as After School, UNIQ & NU'EST) .
  • Sub-Units:
    • Wonder Unit
    • Sweet Unit
    • Natural Unit
    • Joy Unit

Members Edit

800px-Cosmic Girls 2016-2

From Left to Right:

Eunseo, Yi Xuan, EXY, Luda, Yeoreum, Seola, Cheng Xiao, Dayoung, Bona, Dawon, Soobin and Mei Qi

Discography Edit

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