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  • Type: Public
    Starship Entertainment Logo
  • Founded: March 4, 2008
  • Genre: Rap / Hip Hop, K-Pop, Contemporary R & B.
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Founder Kim Shi Dae (CEO)
  • Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea, Busan
  • Industry: Music and Entertainment

Starship Entertainment Edit

Starship Entertainment is a record label from South Korea. Today is formed by the girl group Sistar , singer K.Will and boy group Boyfriend . The company founder, Shi Dae Kim previously worked as road manager of K-pop band called Cool and worked for entertaining with great success between 2005 and 2007, in order to establish his own company. Starship was the first artist K.Will, followed by Sistar and Boyfriend

Starship PlanetEdit

As SMTOWN (S.M Entertainment), YG Family (YG Entertainment), JYP Nation (JYP Entertainment) and CUBE United (CUBE Entertainment), Starship Entertainment decided to name their joint actions among the artists of his company so Starship Planet arises.

Starship Planet is the name given to the joint actions of this family and is formed by the current singers Starship ( K.Will, Sistar, Boy Friend ). The first project is just carrying the Christmas song called Pink Romance , which is the Christmas present for the fans of these bands.

Union LOEN Entertainment Edit

LOEN Entertainment (home of artist like IU, HISTORY, FIESTAR, Zia, Sunny hill & among others), has decided to invest 70% of the shares of Starship and decided to make it operate as an independent label.

LOEN sources explained: "After deciding to expand into various brands, agencies have been investigating influential in which to invest We saw Starship has excellent content, production and artist management, this is how we came to this decision.".

Through this investment, increase competition LOEN expected to artist management system and strengthen its business in the K-POP, and take a step closer to the global market.

The main Starship management will not change and will continue its essence as an independent brand.Meanwhile, they will be working with LOEN for things like content production, and marketing to generate a good affiliate product.

LOEN continued: "We will continue creating opportunities to work with other producers and agencies that are influential with the concept." Together but separate ", each brand will increase their own creative colors while working with us to create better content, business and development K- POP, so we can actively pursue a global business together in the overseas market as well."

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