• Name:
    • CLC (International)
    • 씨엘 씨 (ssielssi) in Korea
    • シ ー · エ ル · シ ー (Shi Eru shī) in Japan
    • Why?: It's short for C rysta L C lear" , which means it will never change as glass.
  • Origin: South Korea.
  • Number of members: 7
  • Debut: March 19, 2015
  • Agency:
    • CUBE Entertainment (South Korea) -> (same as BEAST, Trouble Maker, BTOB and Roh Jihoon)

Members Edit

Reality Shows Edit

  • CLC's Love Chemistry (2015)
  • CLC's Beautiful Mission (2015)

Drama Theme Songs Edit

  • Pounding Love (Theme for Choco Bank) (2016)
  • First Love  (Theme for Midnight's Girl ) (2015)

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