BTS Edit

Group Name:

  • BTS (Pronunciation: Bi-ti-es)
  • 방탄소년단 (Bangtan sonyeondan) in Korea
  • 防弾少年団 (Bōdan shōnen-dan) in Japan
  • 防彈少年團 (Fángdàn shàonián tuán) en China

Origin: South Korea

Members: 7 boys

Debut: June 13th, 2013

Official Colors: Black and white

Official Fanclub: A.R.M.Y.

  • Why A.R.M.Y.?: Adorable Representative MC Youth. "MC" means for rappers "Master of Ceremony". This term is referred to high-level rappers, and for BTS we are like their MC. There is also the fact that we are the ARMY who loyally and without rest support BTS. Fighting!

Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B and K-pop


  • En Korea: ​BigHit Entertainment
  • In Japan: Pony Canyon

Career Edit

Pre-Debut Edit

It's a group called "Bangtan Boys", recognized in 2011. The agency (BigHit Entertainment) from 2011 wanted to find a group that is manly based in Hip-Hop. The agency took auditions ("Hit it"). They were originally going to debut in 2011, but there were a lot of changes regarding the grouping of members during training. Rap Monster is the only original member from the beginning.

J-Hope appeared in various music programs due to the collaboration with Jo Kwon of 2AM in the song "Animal".

2013 Edit

The first teaser was published in May 26th. In June 2nd, the first member revealed to the public in the first image teaser was V. The next day it was followed by Jin, Jimin and Jungkook in the second image teaser. Finally in June 6th Rap Monster, J-Hope and SUGA in the third image teaser.

In same date, BTS also released a list of songs that would be in their single debut album, 2 COOL 4 SKOOL. It contains 4 Tracks, 2 Skits, 1 Intro, 1 Outro and 1 interlude.

They officially debuted in June 12nd, 2013 with their release of "No More Dreams" MV through their official page on YouTube. Their debut was in M!Countdown in June 13th.

In June 16th, they released "We are Bulletproof pt.2" MV.

Comeback Edit

In August 27th, BigHit Entertainment revealed a Comeback Trailer.

In the trailer, they show their first Mini Album, the date that it is released and their new MV.

The next day, through their official page in Facebook they revealed teaser photos.

In September 1st (Jungkook's Birthday), BigHit Entertainment reveals the Track list of the new Mini Album that consists of 1 Intro, 1 Skit, 1 Cypher, 6 Tracks y 1 Outro.

September 4th, 3 days after the Track list was revealed, Concept Trailer was published.

Finally, after the MV Teaser 1 y 2 in September 6th and 8th, the 11th they did a comeback of their new Mini Álbum 'O! RUL8,2?' and released the MV 'N.O'.

2014 Edit

New year, BTS will comeback with a new things and new expectations.

Beginnings of February, the 2nd they upload a Comeback Trailer.

The next day that followed, they revealed teaser photos. And in September 6th, they revealed the Tracklist of the album 'Skool Luv Affair' that contains an Intro, 1 Skit, 1 Cypher, 6 Tracks y 1 Outro (similar to their previews Mini Album).

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