Details Edit

  • Name
    • 4minute (Internacional) pronounced: 'For Minut'
    • 포 미닛 (pominis) in Korea
    • フ ォ ー ミ ニ ッ ツ (fōminittsu) in Japan
    • Why?:  They want to show each of its charms while presenting on stage in a presentation of four minutes, captivating the hearts of the fans.
  • Origin: South Korea.
  • Number of Members: 5
  • Debut:
    • Korea: June 15, 2009
    • Japan: May 5, 2010
  • Official fanclub name: '4Nias'
    • Why?: The name comes from the combination of 4Minute + Mania.
  • Official Color: Violet Pearl.
  • Agency:
    • CUBE Entertainment (South Korea) -> (same as Beast , Trouble Maker , G.NA , BTOB , Roh Ji Hoon ,M4M and CLC ).
  • Sub-Unit:
    • 2Yoon (2013)

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